Visiting Symi Island, Greece

Symi Island is a little known Greek island renowned for its beauty, beaches, monastery, annual music festival and more. It is a destination on the list of  travel enthusiasts seeking places with unspoiled natural beauty. Tourists traveling to the Greek Islands  seek out Symi Island as part of their visit to the Dodecanese; the twelve islands in this region that include Kos, Kastelorizo, Halki and others.  It is best to  check out of the different Symi Greece hotels before making a selection, since there are many hotels in Symi harbour, but only a few located in the upper village overlooking the harbour.

While budget is an important factor in deciding which hotel to book, so too is location. If you want to be in the bustling harbour, that does not sleep until well into the morning hours, then one of these hotels will be suitable. On the other hand, if you want to stay where the pace is slower and the location more peaceful, then the upper village with views of the harbour is ideal.